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Barbie: You Can Be A Fashion Designer VR

Sound Designer


Barbie: You Can Be A Fashion Designer VR is an experience based on a story about Brooklyn and Malibu as they learn all about fashion design. The experience also includes interactive elements, allowing the reader to feel as if they are a part a the story.

Green Reaper

Sound Designer

Green Reaper is a third-person action game set in a greenhouse. You play as Rubin, a rose brought to life by the goddess of the greenhouse. Armed with a only a scythe, Rubin is tasked with fighting back the corruption spreading and restoring the greenhouse to its natural order. Green Reaper was made using Unreal Engine 4 with WWise integration.


Alchemist's Grove

Sound Designer, Composer

Alchemist's Grove is a first-person rogue-like that takes place in a dark forest full of monsters. Players must gather ingredients from the monsters and create potions to use as weapons in order to advance through the forest and find the Immortality Potion. Alchemist's Grove was made in Unity with Wwise integration.

Alchemist's Grove.png

Bo's Big Adventure

Sound Designer, Composer

Bo's Big Adventure is a 2D platforming game with light puzzle elements. You play as Bo, an adorable creature who is trying to make it through the ever-changing forest. Bo's Big Adventure was made in a custom engine with FMOD integration.

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